Self Esteem

self-esteem-02As human beings we are unique, fallible, in constant flux and not more worthy nor less worthy than any other fellow human beings. Throughout my training I learned that merely reading the above will not get you far. Unless you follow through the reality of human nature by acting and practising new patterns of behaviour towards it, then all the reading will be of little benefit.

You cannot be given or give yourself a global rating; As humans we are too complex to be defined on the basis of one thing. For that reason, it would be better if you didn’t try to rate or measure your entire being. You can improve your skills, your activities, or your traits.

However, the parts of who you are don’t account for the whole of who you are. Self esteem as a notion describes how you estimate your self concepts, but self acceptance refers to your true nature; this which describes that you have many different aspects, positive, negative and neutral.

self-esteem-01Actually, being given a positive global evaluation might get you in emotional trouble after a setback. I believe that having a mind set of growth rather than a ‘fixed’ mind set of how you see yourself might determine whether you will give up after a difficulty or whether you will continue to strive and learn. A focus on self acceptance and your true qualities of human nature will help you to resolve shame and helplessness and engender success. Try to remind to yourself that whether you see yourself as a Human Being or as a Human Doing is your choice. Psychological suffering often comes directly from the the notions we have about ourselves. If you accept yourself unconditionally regardless of how others see you, not only you will save yourself by needless anxiety by be better able to change the things you can but you will also be able to accept those things which you can’t change.


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