Intro about CBT, REBT and EMDR

”The process of psychotherapy at an individual or group level it feels to me like a journey. The destination is unknown at the very beginning as the presenting problem is not always the real problem. I agree a Goals list with my clients, it’s an anchor that will keep us both in touch with why the client is willing to participate in this journey and why has picked me as a fellow traveller. The Goals list also establishes that we work as a team and that my client’s goals become mine too. I often tell them: ” We’ll never find when we will get where you want to go, unless we define our destination”. The evaluation of the course of action it’s always taken by me and by me clients.

Therapy it’s a challenging process but rewarding and potentially life changing too. Moreno, an Austrian leading Psychiatrist described psychotherapy as the chance to dream again. I believe that therapy gives people the strength to accept with courage their vulnerability and use this as a strength towards self unconditional acceptance. The pursue of professional help doesn’t make anyone weak. Besides, it requires strength to accept you are in need of help. The process if psychotherapy itself helps people to evaluate and perhaps change their ‘life scripts’ and their perceptions about themselves and others. They explore their styles of relating to others and to themselves. For people to reflect their feelings, inner conflicts and desires as well as their thoughts requires trust, honesty, acceptance and emotional responsibility. These qualities are often cultivated through a robust therapeutic relationship which carries us through.

A major difference between therapy and counselling lies in their goals. Whereas counselling focus on growth, development, prevention, self-awareness and releasing blocks to growth, therapy focus on treatment and personality reconstruction. Treatment doesn’t mean cure. As humans we are limited and we will always be. We are fallible and therefore we will always be flawed but never perfect. Psychotherapy is powerful for the truths it reveals and it helps people to establish hallmarks of mental health.” I see therapy as life laboratory, a psychological gym where spontaneity and creativity can flourish.

I believe in pluralism in therapy as in my view there is no therapy model that can fit everyone’s needs.  Good practise means to identify our limitations as clinician as well as the limitations of therapy we use. Pluralism doesn’t rule out expertise. However, it’s important not to deviate from the origins of every therapeutic approach. I see myself as someone in the therapy arena amongst many others who we all abide with different means to dispel when possible human suffering. A therapist in my view he is not a technician who applies his tools to render psychological relief. Instead, one of the most important aspects of therapy it’s the therapeutic  relationship. I bring myself into therapy; always with professional boundaries but I do, as the clinician cannot be separated from the human.

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