‘Dear Christos I wanted to say thank you for helping me get better. The group work with you was a real turning point for me. I still remember your wise words. Thank you for helping me get my life back.’ Louise
‘I must say a big Thank you to you for creating a fun yet challenging environment for us to experiment with new behaviours, new ideas and to develop fresh ways of thinking in the past six weeks.’ Mao
‘Just a little note to say thank you for all your help. It was the best counselling I’ve ever had. Go EMDR! I’ m loads better now. Thank you.’ Kate
‘Christos we achieved the Impossible! I ‘ll always be grateful to your expertise, skill and care. Thank You!’ Tom
‘Thank you for your Intuition, Observance, guidance, patience, empathy and wisdom. Thank you for helping me live my life.’ Nicole
‘In words unusual for me, I feel you’ve opened my stable door, and led me out into the sun. You have taken off my head collar and walked with me until I trusted myself. Thank you Christos.’ Andrea
‘May I say that 12 weeks have been interesting, rewarding and a meaningful experience. I will never forget the exposure work as it helped me to realise that ”No matter what you look like on the outside, it’s what’s inside that counts and matters”. I also felt that the role plays that we used to have helped me very much as I was never really sure how to express myself in words, without either making me myself upset or angry. I need to keep positive and assertive for the future ahead. Thank you!’ Kevin
‘I started these session on a cold January morning. I was reluctant as sceptic ‘ I don’t need this, it’s boring’. I sat and I listened and I listened some more. This man ‘does make sense’ it’s crystal clear’, now I know what I’ m here for. I know that I wouldn’t be at the place I am today, without the help of this very special man. SO Thank -you Christos. This journey’s been painful but rewarding and I couldn’t have done it without you.’ John
‘Christos, I made it! Plently of exposure really worked! Plane, shuttle bus, bus, car! Thank you.’ Suzan
‘Meeting you has given me the opportunity to live ‘as me’. Thanks to you, I look through my healthy adult mostly and I am not afraid of failures to the extent I was before.’ Gary
‘A coach trip to Madrid – crowded, but I truly managed it, staying calm, almost relaxed and not at all panicky. It was wonderful, to do these things that I have avoided for so, so long… and its with great thanks to you for your teaching and the subtle changed in thinking that have made this possible again.’ It’s so true, the more you meet your worries head on instead of avoidance the easier things seem. Thank you.’ Sophie
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